Irish Dictionary of Terms

Beann, Benn or Bann (modern Ben): Peak or steep pointed hill.

Bri: smaller hill or rising ground.

Brugh or Bruig: palace or mansion.

Bruighean or Bruidne (deminuitive of Brugh); also mansion or palace, but often translated as "hostel."

Carn (modern Cairn): heap of stones, often a monument or burial.

Cnocc (modern Knock): hill.

Dun: fort or stronghold.

Indber or Inver: river mouth or estuary.

Inis: island.

Lough or Loch: lake.

Mag or Maig (modern Moy): plain or level tract.

Moin or Mon: swamp or bog.

Sid or Sidh: fairy hill or palace.

Slaib (modern Slieve): mountain.