Cuchulain of Muirthemne

The story of the men of the Red Branch of Ulster

Arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory

With a preface by W.B. Yeats.

London, J. Murray


Dedication of the Irish Edition to the People of Kiltartan
Preface by W. B. Yeats
I. Birth of Cuchulain
II. Boy Deeds of Cuchulain
III. Courting of Emer
IV. Bricrius Feast
V. The Championship of Ulster
VI. The High King of Ireland
VII. Fate of the Sons of Usnach
VIII. Dream of Angus Og
IX. Cruachan
X. The Wedding of Maine Morgor
XI. The War for the Bull of Cuilagne
XII. Awakening of Ulster
XIII. The Two Bulls
XIV. The Only Jealously of Emer
XV. Advice to a Prince
XVI. Sons of Doel Dermait
XVII. Battle of Rosnaree
XVIII. The Only Son of Aoife
XIX. The Great Gathering at Muirthemne
XX. Death of Cuchulain
Note by W.B. Yeats
Notes by Lady Gregory

Cuchulain by John Duncan
Cuchulain by John Duncan