Howard Pyle's King Arthur and his Knights

PART II. The Story of Sir Pellias

   Here followeth the story of Sir Pellias, surnamed by many the Gentle Knight.
   For Sir Pellias was of such a sort that it was said of him that all women loved him without disadvantage to themselves, and that all men loved him to their great good advantage.
   Wherefore, when in the end he won for his beloved that beautiful Lady of the Lake, who was one of the chiefest damoiselles of Faery, and when he went to dwell as lord paramount in that wonderful habitation which no other mortal than he and Sir Launcelot of the Lake had ever beheld, then were all men rejoiced at his great good fortune - albeit all the Court of King Arthur grieved that he had departed so far away from them never to return again.
   So I believe that you will have pleasure in reading the history of the things concerning Sir Pellias hereinafter written for your edification.