Morcant (Morgant)

   Rachel Bromwich, (Trioedd Ynys Prydein) gives a full run down on the male name Morgant and its northern provenance. Bromwich points out that the Morgant Mwynuawr (the wealthy) of the triads may be a reference to the treacherous Morcant who is noted in Nennius Historia Brittonum ( ch.63 ) as one of three kings who fought with Urien Rheged and who, apparently through jealousy, slew him. She also suggests in turn that Morcant may be identical with the notorious Morken who appears as an opponent of the saint in the Vita Kentigerni. As Kentigern is made the grandson of Urien in the Vita, the element of dynastic enmity would suggest this was intended to be the case. Chris Gwinn noted also of the similarity of the Modern Welsh Morgan  = Old Welsh Morcant from Brit. *Mori-cantos "Sea-white."