Rosalind Miles

   Rosalind Miles is a well-known and critically acclaimed English journalist, novelist, and broadcaster. Her novels, including I, Elizabeth and Return to Eden, have been international best-sellers. She lives in Kent, England.

Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country

   This is the first part of a trilogy chronicling the life of Queen Guenevere. Similar to the concept started by Mists of Avalon, the story is told mainly from Guenevere's point of view, with all the political intrigue, war, and the conflict between the old pagan religion and Christianity. Raised in the Summer Country, Princess Guenevere has led a charmed life, until the sudden, violent death of her mother, Queen Maire, leaves the Summer Country teetering on the brink of anarchy. Only the miraculous arrival of Arthur, heir to the Pendragon dynasty, allows Guenevere to claim her mother's throne. Smitten by Guenevere, Arthur offers to marry her and unite their territory while still allowing her to rule in her own right. Their love match creates the largest and most powerful kingdom in the Isles.
   But when Arthur is reunited with his mother and his long-lost half-sisters, Morgause and Morgan, past hurts and hates surface. Because of Uther, who banished Morgause into a cruel marriage and imprisoning Morgan in a convent, both will seek to avenge their suffering. But it is Morgan who tries to destroy Guenevere. When the Queen flees to Avalon, Morgan casts a spell on Arthur and seduces him.
   To protect Guenevere, Arthur sends a new courtier to protect Guenevere, the young French knight Lancelot. Guenevere falls in love with Lancelot, a love that will bring about the ruin of Camelot.

The Knight of the Sacred Lake

   All my books have been dear to me, but Guenevere has meant the most so far. Growing up in a market town in Shakespeare's Warwickshire I have always been interested in British Queens, and this culminated in the writing of I, Eizabeth, a historical novel written as a personal memoir by the Virgin Queen. With Guenevere I have departed from that richly-textured time into period where history overlaps with myth and legend amid the dreamy landscape of our misty British isles. The early Celtic Britons had a strong tradition of ruling queens, but the concentration on King Arthur has eclipsed Guenevere as a queen in her own right. Few people know, for instance, that she was the owner of the Round Table, and Arthur married her to get it. My story of Guenevere takes us from her girlhood through all the stages of her life. I have now completed the second in the Guenevere trilogy, The Knight of the Sacred Lake, and am writing the third, The Child of the Holy Grail, which will be the culmination of over ten years' work on this truly engrossing theme.
     The author, Rosalind Miles, March 2, 1999

   The second in the trilogy, Miles continues the story of Guenevere, forced to choose between love and duty for the sake of her kingdom.

The Child of the Holy Grail

The third and final installment in Miles' Guenevere trilogy