Meliot of Logurs

   Cousin of Nimue. On the Quest of the White Hart, he battles Hontzlake of Wentland who had taken her by force from Arthur's court. His sworn brother is Brian of the Isles. In the adventure of Balin, when Herlews le Berbeus passes Arthur's pavilion, pitched in a meadow a few days after the internment of the twelve kings in Camelot, he states that Arthur can not help him and passes onward toward the castle of Meliot. There have been two Meliots mentioned up to this stage of the le Morte, Meliot de la Roche and Meliot of Logurs. Since we run into the Meliot here also nearby Camelot in the Quest of the White Hart, we can assume that the castle mentioned in Balin's story is his or that the two are the same person.
   An interesting supposition for study. Meliot's castle is a relatively short distance from Camelot. If we tie this in with the discussion concerning Camelot as Caerwent and Leodegrance's Cameliard as the Gwent area with main city Caerwent, we may have found an early candidate for Melwas. In the later books, Meliagrance kidnaps Guenever to claim her as his own wife and by taking her also claim the land. Others have shown that Meliagrance is Melwas. But perhaps he is Meliot and will lay claim to Leodegrance's kingdom, thus he fashions himself Meliot de Grance or shortened Meliagrance just as the king is Leodegrance or Leo de Grance.