Manassen of Gaul

   When Morgan le Fay was escaping from Arthur after her failed attempt on his and Urien's lives, she meets a knight leading another knight who was bound and prisoner. She inquires the reason and is told by the first knight that he had found the knight committing adultery with his wife and he was planning to drown him in a fountain nearby and afterward he reserved the same punishment for his wife. But fate has a way of reversing fortunes, even when one is in the right. For when Morgan questions the bound knight, she discovers that not only does he claim innocence (what person does any of us know, guilty or not, that would not under those circumstances) but that he is also cousin of Accolon. Because of her love and loss of Accolon, Morgan releases Manassen and has the other knight bound.
   Manassen quickly switches places and throws the knight into the fountain to drown. Morgan tells Manassen to tell Arthur that she was not afraid of him and that with her powers she will do more when the time is right.