In addition to Culhwch ac Olwen, Mabon is mentioned twice in the poem Pa Gur as one of Arthur's chief warriors and Uther's servant. He also appears in Rhonabwy's Dream as one of Arthur's counselors. He appears in some of the continental tales; Mabonagrain in Erec, Mabounain fils Urain in the Pseudo-Wauchier, Mabuz in Lanzelet, Mabon in Le Bel Inconnu and Libeaus Desconus, and Nabon le Noire in Le Morte d'Arthur.
   It is also possible that Madawc ap Uthyr of "The Dialogue of Arthur and the Eagle", dating originally to the 12th century, is a corruption of Mabon ap Uthyr as one variant of a triad gives Mabon son of Modron as Madawc ap Modron. If we accept the confusion of Madawc and Mabon, then we also can add Maduc li Noir in Le Vengeance Raguidel and Le Livre d'Artus, and maybe one of the Madoks of Le Morte d'Arthur. His character darkened in the later tales.