King of the Lothians and Orkney. Married to Morgawse for political reasons when Uther marries Igraine. Lot was one of the principal kings that refused to accept Arthur when he pulled forth the sword and was crowned. During the civil war with Arthur, Lot is one of the main opposing kings, often holding the opposing kings together by the sheer strength of his personality. In the struggle between Arthur and Rience, Arthur does battle before Terrabil against King Lot and Rience's brother, Nero. Merlin deceives Lot with a tale of prophecy causing Lot to arrive on the battlefield late. In the final assault, Pellinore slays Lot.
   Lot, along with his fellow kings slain in the battle, are interred in the Church of Saint Stephen's in Camelot. Arthur makes Lot's tomb richer than the other kings and has Merlin create an image of each of the kings in laton and copper overgilt with gold, each holding a taper that burnt eternally, and over the twelve an image of Arthur holding a sword. Lot's death will be avenged in the future by his son, Gawaine.
   Malory lists Lot as having four sons by Morgawse - Gawaine, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth - all of which become knights of Arthur's court.