Llacheu was linked with Gwalchmai, and Rhiwallon of the broom blossom hair, as one of the learned ones of the Island of Britain, to whom the elements and material essence of every thing were known. Due to similarities in story lines outlined below, he was alternately known as Loholt. Lady Guest in her notes on the Mabinogion claims that "he was no less renowned for warlike prowess than for his deep knowledge, and is said to have fallen fighting bravely for his country, in the battle of Llongborth, so celebrated in the verse of Llywarch Hen." The death of Llacheu is thus alluded to, in a curious Dialogue between Gwyn ab Nudd and Gwyddno Garanhir.
"I know where Llacheu the son of Arthur
Renowned in song was slain,
When the ravens rushed upon blood."
See also Loholt