Launcelot in Malory's le Morte

   After the wedding of Arthur, Merlin travels with Nimue across the sea to Benwick and there visits King Ban. Merlin sees the young Launcelot and assures Elaine, King Ban's wife, that she would live a long life and see her son revenge Ban on King Claudas and that he would the man of most worship in the world. It is also here that Merlin tells us that Launcelot was born and named Galahad and was later confirmed as Launcelot. Malory does not define young but we can make some assumptions that he was probably younger than ten or twelve, otherwise, we would have expected him to be in another court learning knighthood and serving as a page. If we assume that from our chronology, Arthur is about nineteen and he has just married Guenever who would not be younger that fourteen, then we see that Launcelot is younger than Guenever by at least two to four years. Interesting, nes paus.

Lancelot's Family Tree

Lancelot's grandfather (Galahad) marries Irish Princess
They have two sons;
  a. Bors marries Evaine (Elaine?)
    They have two sons
      - Lionel
      - Bors
  b. Ban marries Elaine
    They have a son and daughter
      - Lancelot sleeps with Elaine
        * Galahad
      - Lancelot's Sister has two sons
        * Bleoberis
        * Blamore

more to come...