At the time of Balin's murder of the Lady Lile at Arthur's court in Camelot, there was a king's son of Ireland named Lanceor. When Balin drew the sword from the damsel, Lanceor was angry that anyone else should be considered of more prowess. After Balin's banishment for the death of Lady Lile, Lanceor receives permission from Arthur to pursue Balin and revenge the despite upon Arthur's name. Lanceor sets out from Camelot and comes upon Balin on a small mountain trail. Lanceor is killed in the joust much to Balin's dismay, Balin not wanting to have further reason for Arthur's anger. Lanceor's love, Colombe, arrives and goes into hysterics over the death of her love. She commits suicide with Lanceor's sword, placing it pommel down on the ground and driving herself onto the blade.
   The road and the location of the struggle must have been a standard route between Camelot and Cornwall; for within a short period, Balan, the brother of Balin, will arrive, a dwarf riding from Camelot will come upon the scene, and King Mark from Cornwall will come riding by. Balan tells his brother that he should not suffer grief over this event too long, for he must follow the adventure that God has ordained and agrees to assist his brother. But the dwarf admonishes Balin and warns him that Lanceor's kin will chase him through the world until they avenge Lanceor.
   King Mark decides to build a tomb above the lovers, Lanceor and Colombe. Upon the tomb was written, "Here lieth Lanceor the king's son of Ireland, that at his own request was slain by the hands of Balin; and how his lady, Colombe, and paramour, slew herself with her love's sword for dole and sorrow".