the Lady of the Rock

   In the Quest of the Triple Goddess, Uwaine's quest damosel conducts him on many strange adventures until they arrive at the land of the Lady of the Rock. The lady had been disinherited from her estates by two brothers, Edward and Hue of the Red Castle. We are not told the relationship between the brothers and the lady, but based upon similar legal and familial property struggles in Malory's own time, we can assume that they are related in some manner, either as cousins or nephews.
   When the lady complains to Uwaine, he determines to take up her cause and sends to the two brothers to meet with the lady and him. The two brothers arrive in full force with an hundred men. The lady refuses to allow Uwaine to go out and meet them for fear of treachery. From a tower of her castle, Uwaine requires the brothers to return her lands without success. When they refuse, he challenges one of them to trial by combat. But the brothers state that the combat will be against the two of them together. Uwaine accepts and the combat is set for the following morning. Securities are made to prevent any treachery.
   The next morning, Uwaine meets the brothers and unhorsed them, first Edward and then Hue. But the brothers recover and demand Uwaine meet them on foot. After a vicious battle lasting over five hours during which Uwaine suffered many wounds, he finally manages to kill Edward when his sword strikes his helm smashing it through to the bone. The sight of his brother's death leaves Hue at a loss that Uwaine capitalizes on. Hue kneels and yields up his sword which Uwaine accepts and then conducts him into the castle to receive judgment. The lady is restored of her lands and Hue is ordered to appear before Arthur at the next Pentecost feast.