Caerleon upon Usk

   Caerleon derives its name from the circumstance of its being the station of the Roman Second Legion (Legio Secunda Augusta). The original name was Isca Silurum, evidently from its situation upon the river Usk in the region controlled by the Silures; but by later Latin writers, it is named Urbs Legionum, which is translated to the Welsh Caer-lleon. The site still exhibits many traces of Roman magnificence including the remains of an amphitheatre. It is natural to suppose that, upon the departure of the Legions, Caerlleon would attract the attention of the native kings. Tradition informs us that it was one of the principal residences of King Arthur; and the amphitheatre is still called Arthur's Round Table. In confirmation of this possibility, Nennius asserts that one of Arthur's battles was fought at Cairlion.

Amphitheatre Entrance

Carlion in Malory's le Morte

Caerleon Amphitheatre