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BBC One's 2008 Series "Merlin"

Merlin is a new 13 part fantasy drama series for the family on BBC One this September, 2008. The plot gives us a  series of magical adventures, as they follow the unlikely friendship of a would-be wizard (Merlin) and the future King (Prince Arthur). The drama brings together a cast of acclaimed British actors (Richard Wilson as Gaius, Anthony Head as King Uther Pendragon). Colin Morgan is the young wizard Merlin, Bradley James is the arrogant but brave Prince Arthur, rising star Angel Coulby is Guinevere and newcomer Katie McGrath is Morgana. Multi-award-winning actor John Hurt has just been cast as the Voice of the Great Dragon. Enigmatic and powerful, he alone knows Merlin's true destiny. Also cast is Heroes star Santiago Cabrera as Lancelot and Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan as the wicked sorceress Nimueh. Guest stars include Eve Myles (Torchwood, Doctor Who) as Mary Collins (episode one), Will Mellor (Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps) as Valiant (episode two) and Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing) as Edwin Muirden (episode five).

From BBC: "The eagerly anticipated series begins long before Arthur becomes King. Arthur's father is Uther Pendragon, the tyrannical King of Camelot who has outlawed magic in the mythical city..Gaius is the court physician who takes Merlin under his wing and helps guide him with his magical powers. It's a rites of passage story which sees Merlin and Arthur on the cusp of adulthood both on their journey to greatness in a time before history began."

Merlin is being filmed in Wales and France for transmission on BBC One in September. Spectacular CGI effects are being created by The Mill, the Oscar-winning visual and special effects team behind Gladiator and Doctor Who.

Supposedly, NBC has picked up the rights for broadcast in the states.


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Arthurian Legends on Film and Television, Bert Olton (Hardcover - April 2000)

Cinema Arthuriana: Twenty Essays (Revised Edition),  Kevin J. Harty (Editor) (Hardcover)

The Use of Arthurian Legend in Hollywood Film : From Connecticut Yankees to Fisher Kings, Rebecca A. & Samuel J. Umland (Hardcover)

Hallmark Entertainment has released a sequel to the movie "Merlin," called "Merlin's Apprentice."  Sam Neil reprises his role as Merlin and Miranda Richardson as the Lady of the Lake. The plot focuses on a young man who discovers that he has the ability to become a wizard (shades of Harry Potter?). As might be expected, it ties in the Holy Grail legend, the collapse of Camelot, and the hope of the future.

Camelot Illustrated - A Survey of Comics with Arthurian themes

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Monty Python's Spamalot - a Broadway musical based on the popular Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad

Laurence Dunmore is set to direct Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad, a coming-of-age take on Sir Galahad's quest for the Holy Grail, Variety reported. Seven Arts Pictures is financing the film, with production slated to begin summer 2007 in the United Kingdom. Gale Anne Hurd produces with Joel Gross penning the script. Dunmore most recently directed Johnny Depp's The Libertine. Armor is a co-production of Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures and Peter Hoffman's Seven Arts.