Camelot Illustrated

Camelot 3000

   Camelot 3000 was originally released by DC starting in 1982. It was their first Maxi-Series, published on high quality paper and distributed only to the direct market. It took over three years to put out just 12 "Monthly" issues. Published without the Comics Code Authority seal and advertised as a book for mature readers, it blazed the trail for the new comic houses and alternates such as Vertigo and Dark Horse. It explored subjects considered taboo in comics, including the retelling of the love triangle of Arthur - Guinevere- Lancelot, Tristan trapped in a woman's body, and reincarnation meets genetic engineering as another knight of the round table comes back as an eight-foot monster. Almost unknown outside of England, penciller Brian Bolland is well known today for his beautiful cover art. Writer Mike W. Barr, who worked from his own research to overlay the Arthurian legends onto the world of tomorrow even utilized a creative consultant for this book who was well-versed in the Arthurian lore. Daring in its day, but slightly dated by today's standards.

   In a darkened, overpopulated world, short on resources and hope, Arthur Pendragon, the Once and Future King, returns to unite a planet as he once united a kingdom. Man has abandoned the stars and the world is ruled with an iron clad hand. Criminals and the undesirables are genetically altered into zombie "neo-men" used by the state to control the masses. Into this dim future, invaders from the stars arrive and London is in flames. Young Tom Malory, after seeing his Mother and Father killed by the invaders, stumbles upon the crypt of King Arthur. In this, our darkest moment, Arthur is resurrected, and soon enlists Merlin and the reincarnated Knights of the Round Table in his war against the Aliens, who are actually the soldiers of his half-sister Morgan Le Fay. Almost as if to shadow the troubles of today, the UN's top security advisor is her right-hand man.

Camelot 3000 (DC Comics Series)     Paperback