Samhain Carved Turnip Head

The carved turnip head is essential for the creation  of a proper Celtic atmosphere for Samhain- Halloween - October 31. The ancient Celts had no Pumpkins! The turnip is not a standard American turnip but a rutabaga or Swedish Turnip for those of the British Isles!

Once they are carved and lit up with a candle they glow with an eerie yellow-ivory skull-like quality! When they are suspended they look just like skulls floating in the night!

Find a big one!

1. large rutabaga (turnip or Swede). I try to find one with the proper scull shape-(slightly tapered toward the chin) the larger the better. 
2. One sharp knife and teaspoon. 
3. Newspaper 
4. Container for the turnip shavings. 
5. Candle 
6. Sturdy wire- about 12 inches 

1. Cut the top off the turnip- not too far down. 
2. Using the knife carve out a hole into the top of the turnip. Once there is enough room use the teaspoon to hollow out the turnip so that the turnip is translucent- that is when you hold it up to the light you can see it glow. 
3. Using a sharp knife carve a Celtic face into the turnip 
4. Flatten out the inside of the  base making a slight depression  to hold the candle. 

Be Sure to cut out the Eyes!
5. Light candle and drip wax into depression in the center. Stick candle upright in the wax. 
6. Pierce a hole in each side of the top of the turnip. Insert the wire for a handle.